Thursday, August 25, 2016

Swimming at the YMCA

I arose this morning in a feel-sorry-for-myself funk.  I could not seem to shake it.  I was mad at the world.  I listened to hymns in the car and that helped a little.  After I got to work and started working, I got over it.

In the afternoon I got very frustrated with my budgeting work and took a quick break to think that Gary was actually probably at the YMCA with some of the other residents.  Shortly thereafter, I received an email from the Resident Coordinator saying he had a good time and enclosed the following pictures (cropped for privacy of others):

I was thrilled that he was back in the water. 
Later I attended a family dinner at the "Happy Place" and got more details.  He shivered when he first got in the water which was 86 degrees.  After a while, he got comfortable and made some of his noises of enjoyment.  Overall, he had a good time and they are open to taking him back.
When I visited him tonight I asked if he had fun swimming.  He said that he had.  I could tell that he really did remember. I was tired and kissed him goodbye and prepared to leave.
One of his caregivers stopped to talk to me and tell me that many mornings she is the one bathing him and helping him brush his teeth.  She exuded pride in her work.  I am thankful her.  I am thankful for all those who work there.  I am convinced there is a place in heaven for all of them.
As I drove home I pondered my future.  In a few weeks, Gary and I will mark our 31st anniversary.  There will be no special dinner, no flowers, no international trip.  My have times changed?  I love him still and know that deep down he knows and loves me.  I am blessed to have him in my life no matter how much it hurts some times. 

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