Monday, August 8, 2016

Do you know what I mean?

Due to traffic and a much needed Chiropractic appointment, I arrived at Gary's Happy Place later than normal.  DInner was over and most of the residents had scattered to various places in the Unit.  I found Gary next to sweet Patti.  She is required to eat a soft food diet and was the very last person eating her dinner.  Gary was sitting there with her drinking his water and juice. 

I said hello to Patti who normally covers her face and is introverted.  SHe said hello to me and when I asked how she was today she replied an excited, "I'm fine.  ITs good to see you."  It does my heart good to get responses from these folks as they don't have many visitors and there is a familiarity in their "hello". 

I said "Hi Baberoon.  How was your day?" Gary answered, "hello, wait til I finish my juice." When he finished, I offered a kiss and he kissed me and said a friendly hello.

After a few minutes of slow connecting, I knew he really knew I was there.  I told him that our friend Susan was coming to visit him tomorrow.  He showed no reaction.  I have told her not to expect too much.  It can be painful if one has any expectations.

One of the caregivers decided to play "Mary Poppins".  She and I gained quite a bit of excitement with some of the ladies as they gathered in the living room as the Overture from Disney began on the television.

I moved Gary to the sofa so he had a view of the movie whether he was interested or not.  I rubbed his arms and told him that I loved him from the top of his head to the bottom of his toes.  He smiled, genuinely, and said he "knows what I mean".  I knew that for a moment he was back with me.

I told him again that Susan was coming to visit.  He was listening to the movie and parroting what he was hearing Dick Van Dyke saying on the screen.  He was aware and I would not complain.

He kissed my hand.  He told me he loves me and it was unsolicited. I tried to savor the moment.  I don't know in any given moment how often he might share his emotions. Those moments are priceless and precious. 

I chose to leave then to get some dinner.  I did not want to spoil the moment.  I told him that I needed to leave to check on Diva, our Beagle, who is home with an injury.  He seemed to understand. If he didn't understand, at least God gave me the comforting illusion that he does understand.

Good night my darling.  Sleep well.  I ordered a new walker so you can move about more easily.  It should be delivered tomorrow and I will see it is delivered.  The caregivers are angels and will see you are trained in how to use it.

I love you more than you know...from the top of your the bottom of your toes...and everywhere in you know what I mean?

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