Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Activity Blanket and Rubics Cube

After work I stopped by "the Happy Place" to see how happy it really was today.  I was there in time to feed Gary his pumpkin pie and watch him hold his own glass and guzzle down all his water and juice.  He was at the table with Nancy and Martha. 

Nancy was very sleepy and not very interactive tonight but the angel feeding her and I had a great chat.  I really adore all the angels/caregivers and pray for their well-being.  Martha was voraciously eating her pie with a vigor not often exhibited by her.  She actually smiled when I said hello and answered a few questions.

Gary seemed particularly alert so I wheeled him into one of the living rooms to attempt to have some time together without distractions.  We were sitting right outside the manager's office and she gladly joined us when I asked some questions.  She brought Gary a Rubic's cube that had been purchased for him to play with when they go places on the bus.  The idea was to keep him from playing with his seat belt.  He started to twist and pull at it as she left to retrieve another item from his room.

They had also purchased an adult activity blanket that was covered in buttons, zippers, pockets, etc.  She said that he spent quite a bit of time with it already and it seems to keep his attention.  I am so thankful they are thinking of activities for him.  Apparently, music therapy went well yesterday culminating in him playing his bongo drums.

I sat with him a while longer and watched him get accustomed to playing with the cube.  I then rolled him back to join the others in watching the movie "Happy Feet".  It caught his attention and I kissed him goodbye and left to run my errands.

These times with him are so bittersweet.  I am thrilled that he had great care by people who obviously like him and are invested in his comfort.  They are heart wrenching because I want him to get up out of the chair, throw his arms around me, kiss me and say, "lets go have some fun!"  I am dreaming and realistically know that will never happen.

For now, I have to be happy that he can touch his activity blanket and find "orange" on the Rubics cube.

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